10e Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne

As the first American city to be named a City of Design by UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, Detroit has earned its reputation as home to creators who use their passion to sustain and progress urban development. The series documents the work of several artists who lend their imagination to the city’s collective creative power in the comfort of their studios. These artists--quilter Carole Harris, Homes Eyewear, multidisciplinary collective Complex Movements, Henry Ford Innovation Institute, Detroit Sound Conservancy, jeweler Tiff Massey, and producer Sterling Toles--will have their work featured in Detroit’s sister city, Saint-Étienne, France. The exhibit Footwork “explores the future as imagined” as a result of the city’s history as an incubator of “social, cultural and political innovation.” See more on the March 2017 exhibition at: